11.32am – There are times where you might feel like scolding your kid in public. That is exactly what I feel like doing now but then… thankfully, I managed to hold it back till my dad came to my rescue.

Little milkie started coughing ever since we came back from the staycation yesterday. More or less expected, especially with all those fun and play, and lack of water and rest. So, today, we brought her to the doc’s. Had wanted to bring her to a nearby PD but apparently that PD is out on holiday AGAIN (sooooooo rich). So we brought her all the way to her usual one, at Mt Alvernia. Dad dropped us first while we went to register. It was almost a nightmare…

The moment I stepped into the clinic (which was so crowded), little milkie started crying, saying that she wanted to go back to her grandma’s house. I was carrying her then, so I gently told her that she hadn’t seen the doctor yet. Then she started saying that she wanted to go and wait outside but I told her that I hadn’t talked to the nurse yet. Her reply? “You talked to her already. Mummy, carry me outside.” So, those words repeatedly came out from her while I, too, repeated the same words that I hadn’t talked to the nurse yet (it was really a long queue). That’s not the scary part. The scary part came when she started struggling and climbing on my body, half kicking my tummy and boxing my face, while crying.

By the time my dad finally came, I was exhausted. My left arm was almost breaking (she’s not exactly that light anymore – 10.2kg) and I was panting. It feels as if I just had a boxing lesson.

Things were a lot better after she had calmed down and gotten used to it (the environment). I told her that I wanted to go and grab some food but if she wanted to follow, she’ll have to walk on her own and she jolly well agreed on it (See! She’s fully capable of behaving if she wanted to!). And then subsequently after that, it was almost a bliss already.

Sigh… at such times like that, I really wished the lil’ hub is here to help out but it’s just too bad that he had to work. Sigh…

6.18pm – What did we do today? ROT! Was so sleepy for the whole day, even going to bathe was a drag. Little milkie had quite a bit of fun with her dad though. So glad that the lil’ hub’s around to keep little milkie company while I sleep through the day… A while more, let me slowly get back my energy…


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