5.35am – Crap. Her cough better be over soon. I don’t like the idea of her waking up at such time, crying for her grandma… Sigh… I can look forward to a tiring Monday later…

7.03am – Time to wake up. Sucks! Hahahaha…

7.05am – Crap. Fancy giving me a shock early in the morning… -.-”’

7.56am – Little milkie not going to school again because she’s coughing. Gosh, her school is indeed expensive if such scenario continues. But anyway, no more holidays or staycations so I hope things should get better. At this rate, it’s very unlikely that she’ll ever get used to going to school.

8.47am – Hmm… weirdly, am a little more refresh than expected. Is it going to be over soon??? *grinning*

1.40pm – Shall leave all work till tomorrow. With that cutting grass sound somewhere far away (though quite loud), I doubt I can concentrate. It’s Monday, 22nd of September. About a month since I last tracked on my bills, followed my planned schedule and what not. It’s a mess, and thus probably more delays. I wished I could have done more but I just can’t bring myself to. I do really hope that I can start picking things up again. It’s been quite a while since I last do things with little milkie. Sigh… and I missed my baking and decorating too… but… it will have to wait for a little bit more…

2.25pm – I really don’t want you to go crazy, though I do admit indeed, I don’t like you that little bit. Then again, I do really admire all those things that you did. You are really quite capable. Take things easy and things will slowly get into place.

3.18pm – The new boss has talked!! I hope it’s for a better change though. I’d been here for the past 3 years, attempting to help the change, but the top had not helped much. And promoting those u****** a******** definitely doesn’t help at all.

Anyway, I won’t quit yet. Will wait until things are a little more settled down before I even consider this option again. There’s way too many things to consider now. Sigh…


3.53pm – Can this curb the hunger?

7.38pm – O.O”’ Sh*t. I thought I’m still talking to her just a while ago?? How come she’s asleep now?!!!! Sh*t.

9.14pm – Should I go and sleep now, in case little milkie woke up later?? Hmm…

9.35pm – Okay. Too late. She’s awake. And crying, demanding to go over to my auntie’s house. Sigh…

9.43pm – Kids are kids. It’s soooooo funny. I just carried her over, in a jogging pace to “run away from the big bad wolf” that’s loitering around the neighbourhood, to knock on my auntie’s door. Luckily, it was closed and we managed to tell her a lie – that my auntie is out and nobody’s at home. And then after that we ran back and closed the door. *LOL* Well, as long as she’s satisfied with that.

11.02pm – They are sooooooo imaginative…

Milkie: *picks up the small bottle of moisturiser* I call daddy, okay?
Me nodded my head.
Milkie: Hello daddy. (in mandarin) Just now mummy carried me and we ran to kaipo’s house, then we knocked on the door, but nobody opened the door. Then we quickly ran back to popo’s house and closed the door. Then the big bad wolf was behind, chasing us! And after that he huffed and puffed and…
Me: Nong, just now where got big bad wolf?
Milkie: *puts aside the ‘phone’* Mummy, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to daddy.
Me: Okay… -.-”’
Milkie: Ya lor… Oh, daddy coming over to see me ah? Okay, bye bye. Mummy, daddy says he coming over now.
Me: Huh? I thought he’s staying in Punggol to accompany Ah Ma?
Milkie: No, he said he’s coming over now to see me. Really.
Me: Okay… -.-”’

… and so adorable…

11.23pm – A friend just asked me if I want to transfer little milkie to a church kindergarten, which means it’s just 3 hours. Hmm… doubt so. I need little milkie to sleep in school. There’s too many distractions back at home and my mum is unable to make her go and sleep, not to even mention my dad. *LOL*

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