Today is Wednesday. I took the day off to accompany little milkie to attend a concert or something like that, that her childcare had asked. Why not? It’s some exposure for her and it seems fun to go for an outing with her friends and teachers. That was what I was thinking at the point of signing up but I guess, I received more than that.

So we brought her to the school and despite telling her quite a number of times, as usual, she pulled her stunt and started crying after we reached the gate of the school. And by the time a few hours had passed and we came back again, we heard her crying. This time round, crying and ‘arguing’ with a teacher. I guess the teachers must have find it a little amusing, that a 26 months old kid can talk in such a way – 我不要你了. Yes, that was what she usually said to us when she’s angry, and the teacher had replied what I would have – 我也不要你了.

Anyway, there was a pause but she started crying the moment she saw both the lil’ hub and I. Of course, shortly after that, she began to get so excited about boarding the bus and going to watch the performance – Gloobaloo. And then the funny and sweet thing came when we were on board the bus.

Milkie: Mummy, why aren’t you working today?
Me: Because I took leave and accompany you to go gai gai (walk around).
Milkie: You never work to accompany me ah?
Me: Yes…
Milkie: Mummy, I like you ^^
Me: I like you too ^^

Isn’t that sweet? Yes, indeed. Once again, she showed me how important my presence (and probably the lil’ hub’s too) is to her, and that she really appreciates that I stop working and accompany her. But then again, it’s a little sad too that nowadays, a lot of times, both parents have to work and thus neglected their children, which probably resulted in the increasing problems in teenagers.

And then come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last do craft activities with her… sigh…

Well, the show was beyond what I had imagined for children. It was very hip hop and all the children (age between 2-6) were screaming as if they saw their idol and then after that dancing. Little milkie did dance a little and I can see that she somewhat enjoyed it but towards the end of that 1 hour concert, she K.O. But while we were boarding the bus, she woke up and during the journey, we had the cutest conversation ever (and I do understand her agony… because I’ve been through it and is still going through after starting to work).

Milkie: Mummy, Saturday no need to go to school.Me: Yes, Saturday no need to go to school.
Milkie: Tomorrow is Saturday.
Me: -.-”’ No, tomorrow is Thursday.
Milkie: Thursday don’t have to go to school.
Me: -.-”’ x 2 No, Thursday have to go to school. Friday also.
Milkie: Then when is Saturday?
Me: Thursday, Friday then Saturday.
Milkie: *Looking disappointed*

Hope you all have a nice day too! I definitely enjoyed mine! ^^

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