Ramblings #0983

8.50am – The raindrops slapped itself hard against the windows. It’s so sudden. If only we were earlier by that bit, then we won’t be stuck in the car, and I won’t be late for work. If only today is a Saturday, then we can sleep late on a nice cooling morning.


11.02am – The head feels groggy all of a sudden.

6.54pm – Indeed, it’s extremely irritating when you can see your kid getting from bad to worse, and yet the grandparents are somewhat still siding them. Little milkie had once again tried to hit the gor gor again. This time round, with a lego. Not once, but twice, after we told her to stop. And then after that she refused to apologize even though she’s in the wrong. So I scolded her, and she still refused, ignoring me too. And then came the thing that I wasn’t really expecting, she asked her grandma to apologize. I told my mum to stop carrying her but my mum continued. A mountain backing her up. How to? How to teach kids when those mountains are always there to back them up? *breathe…*

7.46pm – Sigh… how can I possibly get angry with little milkie for too long when she’s so annoyingly adorable? She came back from auntie’s house, and ran straight into the room without daring to look at me. I told my sister that she’ll probably just sit at one corner without doing anything. Indeed, that was what she did. And after that, she took a piece of paper and started wiping the floor and cupboards. Gosh… her temper is SOOOOO like her father. Shortly after that, she came out and tried to make conversation with me. I didn’t really reply until dinner time, where she kept looking at me, and finally, I looked up and smiled at her. That’s when she smiled back and told her grandma that she likes me. -.-”’

Nonetheless, she still ought to be taught and disciplined if the need arises. Or else… I’m not sure what’s going to happen in future. Sigh… why is she so tempered like her dad?????

9.38pm – Good. She’s asleep. *LOL*

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