7.58am – Little milkie must have had enough sleep today, to wake up on her own and ask me where I’m going. So nice… if only everyday is like that, and everyone is like that, then I won’t have to chase sheep anymore. *LOL* “Dream on… dream away…”

10.39am – Why does people like to use the phrase “Please do the needful.”. How the hell do I know what is the needful? Otherwise, they will use “Please do the same.” *facepalm* At times, I really feel like whacking those people who came from there. Can’t they just spell out the whole sentence??? Sigh… Breathe… Breathe…

2.46pm – Seems like the website is down for now. Hope it’s up soon… otherwise, I’m going to log a ticket again.

3.39pm – Okay. It’s up! Not sure what’s the problem but I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I can blog now.

Today, I hadn’t done much things except talk and talk, or to be exact, trying to wake that friend up from that dream of hers. Fancy falling for an idiotic guy who thought that he is very smart. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I hadn’t got the mood to work. The bosses will be back next week and today is the last day to enjoy that little freedom. Ate the sour and spicy kimchi noodle for lunch. In short, it’s just instant noodle but whatever, I’m glad as long as I can eat. It’s just another 2 hours more before I’m deprived of food again. Alas… endure… endure… endure…

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