Ramblings #0987

9.02am – Darn. Almost forgotten that I’ve got a meeting at 9.30am today. Better grab my breakfast quick!

9.58am – It’s really amusing when you are in the middle of a meeting, listening to the arguments of the manager and his team. Hmm… they are going in circles. Why? Simply because (which I have no idea why too) one of the team members couldn’t understand what the manager wants. And now, I had to try not to laugh out loud. Ah… so damaging to my body. Wahahahahahaha :p

1.39pm – Just had lunch with my old time friend at Saizeriya. Finished up most of the creamy mushroom pasta. YUM YUM. Been such a long while since I’ve had a nice big meal.

Well, as always, whenever I’m with this friend, the hot topic will always revolve around parenting. And today, it’s “Why does parents want to give birth to children if they don’t intend to teach and guide them?”

Good question. Think about it and we shall discuss some other day…

2.14pm – I probably have had enough of those Boy-Girl-Relationship and thus FINALLY decided to settle down, get married and have children. But I wonder why some of them still love and always look forward to those sparkling moments. Yes, it’s nice but isn’t it tiring? One after another… Take a break, girls.

4.45pm – Hungry. But I’m still stuck in a meeting. Luckily it’s not a meeting that I detest.

5.41pm – It’s over!! *PACK UP!* Let’s go home!

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