WHAT?! Fish & chips again?!! Can’t you eat something else? Erm… I’m afraid not. *LOL* I’m a sucker for the fried fish and the chips, and it’s the easiest thing to order and eat without much cutting or sucking the juice through the bones. *LOL*

It’s the birthday of a colleague and so we had decided to buy our lunch back. I gave them my order and 2 colleagues were off to get it at Jerry’s BBQ & Grill. I’d never been there though I did pass by it a few times when the lil’ hub drove along Jalan Kayu.


Anyway, the temperature of the food was still rather alright by the time they were back from buying every other things. I guess it’s because they used the aluminium foil that helps to keep the food warm.

The quantity was alright, with the usual fries replaced by wedges. Taste was quite alright too except that I wasn’t really liking the coleslaw as much for there’s onion inside. A little too much for me and thus I abandoned it after having 3/4 of it.

Would be nice if I can head down to the actual restaurant some day to try out other food. But so far, their takeaway is okay.

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