10.14am – Can you believe it? It’s already October! Gosh, time really flies. Sigh… and I am still at where I am. Couldn’t even come up with the plan for October by yesterday. What was I doing? Hmm…

Well, life has been pretty good other than the loss of appetite at night that left me sleeping hungry. Other than that, I’m more or less going through a repetitive day without much thinking. Going back home and played with little milkie for a while before dragging myself to take a shower.

11.45am – Wow… it’s already almost 12pm and I haven’t shit yet!

3.25pm – So what happens next when you are bored stiff with a bloated stomach? You suggest a party! It’s HALLOWEEN TIME! Hmm… what shall I make???

6.58pm – Kids are so cute. Their attention span for anything is just so darn short. *LOL* Trying the “costume” for the party tomorrow!


9.42pm – … And she’s asleep… Let’s wish this will continue…

10.46pm – I’m glad I’ve got the life saviour cake bought by the lil’ hub. YUMMY! ^^

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