Food – Rokeby Bistro Cafe @ Jln Riang

Earlier this morning as I was writing my blog, I was still thinking that it had been quite a while since I’d tried food at a new restaurant. Maybe my boss had somehow heard my wish, and so she brought us to this I-have-no-idea-where is it place, as she turned and turned into small roads in between landed houses somewhere in Serangoon (near to NEX). Jln Riang, that’s the road name where she stopped and parked her car. What’s over there? Nothing much other than landed houses but yet there’s a roll of shophouses. Honestly, I really wonder how people managed to find such nice locations.

Anyway, there were actually quite a number of small cafes/restaurants. We went to one at the corner, called Rokeby Bistro Cafe. And apparently by night, it will be a bar. It’s relatively quite small, but the ambience was rather nice.


There wasn’t much customers during the lunch time, so I guessed most people will probably come only at night to chill for such a place. We placed our orders and the food came shortly.



The portion of the food was quite alright. I won’t consider it as big portion though. There’s the luncheon cheese sticks which is the “in” thing right now. As for the menu, there wasn’t a wide list of selections, especially for the mains. And as most of it are steaks, it wasn’t really that cheap. For the fish and chips that I ordered, it cost around $16. The taste is okay except that they put a little too much salt for the fries and at certain areas, on the fish too.

Service was alright but since there’s only 2 groups of customers initially, I can’t say much if the crowd starts to get in. There’s also free flow of water (self-service) which I love it.

This place is quite good to chill out but provided you drive because it’s located right in the middle of landed housing with no public transport. And even if you DID drive, parking might be an issue as there’s limited lots available. I’m not sure how enthusiastic are those parking attendants over at that area but otherwise, it indeed is a nice place to relax, and away from the noisy shopping centres.

Can try it out.

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