9.56am – It’s funny how some totally not compatible couples are staying together. Was just reading up on some of the Yahoo news, and then came across one on Robert Pattinson. Apparently, he’s currently dating a singer called FKA Twigs. Seriously, I can hardly believe my eyes for they seem totally weird together. I don’t understand what causes that big change in Robert, to move from Kirsten to this FKA Twigs. Of course it’s not for me to comment much, as long as they really enjoy each other’s company but I simply find it extremely weird.
Anyway, it’s probably none of my business.

It’s a Friday and TGIF. The world’s still moving, and so is the protest in Hong Kong as well as the insulting of the different parties at the Hong Lim Park that day. Why can’t people just leave in peace and harmony?

Sigh… if only I can go for a spa and massage treatment now…

10.18am – Darn. I’m so envious of those people taking leave today. Ah… why am I left with 4 days of leave for the shutdown at the end of the year only? Sigh… one lunch kakis is going to accompany her children. The lil’ hub is going out with his boyfriend who took half day leave for him. *CRRRRRRRRY*

10.23am – Be patience… our network and system ain’t as fast as you think. You don’t always get an immediate update, you know. And asking me doesn’t help for though I’m the administrator, I ain’t go God. Sigh…

Guys, stop bothering me on a Friday morning. Let me have some peace please. Thank you.

11.16am – Why did my nose suddenly start to run?

11.24am – I am so bored today. But the rest all seems so busy. Is my job too relaxing? I doubt so, though I can say that I’m not always very busy. Ah… borrowing books doesn’t seem like a solution. Neither is shopping. Alas… I’m running out of ideas.


12.51pm – It’s a skill, to fold the umbrella properly. ^^

2.24pm – I sat in front of my computer yet again. There’s nothing that I want to do or feel like doing. There’s No software in this computer which I feel like using. What am I doing? Wasting my time away like that… I stared at the list of things that I need to do. How am I to complete it if I don’t have the tools?

2.45pm – Weird, weird, people. Why am I working with all these weird people?? Everywhere is the same, there’s bound to be some working issues but why did I choose one where I need to constantly work with weird people in order to get paid? Why?!

4.20pm – My boss put spent half of the part 1 hour 20 minutes complaining about my idol. She must have endured for a long time to let it out once and for all recently.

4.26pm – Sometimes I really wonder if my admin wants the company to sack her. Fancy leaving an hour earlier despite me telling her to inform the boss if she really had something on. I hope she’s not meeting anyone stupid. If that’s really the case, I will ignore her. Test her on Monday.

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