Ramblings #0994

3.36am – Huh? Looking for grandma again?? -.-”’

5.01am – Great… I wonder how I can survive later on…

9.14am – I knew it! Something always has to go wrong when I don’t have enough sleep and woke up late in the morning. Firstly, I forgot to take my MC so that I can submit. Then now, I realised that I forgot about my vitamins. Sigh… looks like I’ll have to make a trip back home in the afternoon.

It’s Thursday and somewhat gloomy. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty tired and thus am a little frustrated when the same old thing was heard. For a year, and so I’ve heard, that she’s pissed with her husband and her job. But instead of trying to make it better, things remained the same. So tell me how, how will things changed if one don’t try to improve, or did something that makes it worse? By complaining everyday doesn’t change anything. Your mindset is already fixed. You live your life like a zombie. Day after day. Can anyone help you if you aren’t willing to change this?

9.44am – Don’t tell. Everything also don’t tell. Do I look like a secret journal to you all? -.-”’

9.48am – I’m really not in a good mood today. Not when both my lunch kakis are telling me their problems, and about problems which I find it stupid because it’s caused by their own actions and indecisiveness. It’s no good, really, when you are surrounded by too many negative aura. It brings your moral down. As much as I always tell them that if there’s anything, they can talk to me, but it gets a little irritating when my words are fell on deaf ears. Why do you want me to repeat myself over and over again for months?!!! It’s fine if I can see efforts being put in, but the problem is, I see NONE! *facepalm*

10.04am – Heck. I need to work.

11.24am – Okay. Audit done for now. Let’s just wait for the screenshots to be back.

1.58pm – When will I get my energy back?

2.37pm – A step at a time. The mind floating away. Oblivious to the surroundings. The signs are obvious. It’s time. Time to start taking on my own life instead of worrying about other people’s self-inflicted problems. I’ve done enough.

3.26pm – Sigh… problems after problems. Stop giving me problems… please…

4.00pm – Ah… that’s a not so good news… medical checkup towards the cancer’s directions…

4.36pm – Looks like things are going to get better from now on. Should I fight with them?

5.05pm – Oh… 487 emails in the Inbox? Did I forget to clean up recently?

5.09pm – Things are getting more interesting. Shall wait and see.

6.01pm – Just as you thought everything is fine, someone came to tell you it’s not. An error was found and then conveyed to my idol, whose reply was basically “I’m not an auditor, and my signing off doesn’t mean anything. It only means there is a valid SCF/WO raised for this change. Do you expect me to go and check each and every change?”

I stopped talking to him at that sentence because I knew he had totally no idea on what he is signing off. Fancy telling me that reply. I’m only trying not to laugh out LOUD. If whatever that he said is really what he’s supposed to be doing, then seriously, I (or anyone, probably even my mum) can do that job. He’s like telling me “I just need to ensure that there’s no empty space in that column.” *facepalm* How did he end up in that position??


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