Ramblings #0995

1.52pm – My brainless idol is talking again. And thanks to him, I’d been so busy since morning till lunch. Now I’ll need to wait for my boss to be back on Monday before I can close this issue, again, THANKS to him.

Sometimes I wondered what all these people are thinking, or maybe not thinking at all. To come up with such illogical reasoning, and still thinking that he is smart. *facepalm* Yes, that’s the kind of people I chose to work with instead of travelling far to my workplace or getting a higher salary with better prospect. Am I making the right decision?

Sigh… so many people walking pass. I really hated this. *I hate this part right here…*

Anyhow, I only really hope both my lunch kakis’ dramatic life can come to a stop. It’s really quite draining for me to be repeating the same thing again and again. I’m already getting bored of this topic.

And for myself, though I’m still a little lost of recent, I hope I can get back my energy soon. The depletion had really delayed quite a bit of things and I doubt the speed will pick up if it continues like that. Put it this way, I still have lots of things to do yesterday night but yet I dozed off before 10pm. Do you know how early is that for me?? *LOL*

3.57pm – Oh right! Did I mention that I think I had a dream last night? I vividly remembered I dreamt of a big eyes baby that looks a lot like little milkie but is a boy. Is that a sign?

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