5.49am – I guess it’s only been a while after we both slept, but I have no idea what gave her that idea to sleep at where she is now. I had a big shock, though, especially when I’m half dreaming already when suddenly something big knock and fell onto my waist. I was sleeping on my left side and couldn’t really see what it was. Had initially assumed it was her leg but it couldn’t be that heavy. And a side glimpse towards that direction confirms that it’s her head. Goodness, why is she sleeping on me?? -.-”’

8.53am – Stomach aches. Sucks! I’ve got a meeting at 9am!!!!

9.51am – Let’s rush to the sharing session. Urgh. Hungry.

10.38am – DONE! Let’s ROT!…

… NOT…

And the boss just came by my seat to ask me to clear up the audit issues before I go off for my half day’s leave… *CRY*

10.41am – And another issue came up… on personal work. Ah… why does it have to come at the same time?? Let’s search for some information first so that I can save some time back at home.


11.48am – CHOP CHOP! Let’s go shopping!!!!!

12.53pm – I’ve got a pair of very funny parents. It’s apparently for the reason that I don’t want to trouble you guys, and thus didn’t tell you where I’m going. Urgh… and now I’m waiting… waiting for them to get ready to go out, and send me to the F1 pit building. *Yawn*

1.40pm – I AM HERE! WOOHOO!!!

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