It’s here again! The annual Club 21 Bazaar sale! Ending this Sunday, on 26 October 2014!

I took half a day off to meet my sister who came early in the morning. Thanks to her, I managed to get 3 pairs of pretty shoes for little milkie. It started yesterday already, for their staffs, but today ain’t so bad. Morning will be a preview for Club 21 members, and after 1pm, it’s for Citibank credit card holders.


Crowds? Yes, as usual, there’s A LOT OF crowds. The lil’ hub had warned me times and again to be careful of my big tummy but honestly, there’s nothing to worry about because I’d personally seen a few preggy ladies like me, and some who seems to deliver soon (even bigger tummy)!

Anyhow, the items and prices seem to be slightly different this year. A few things that I’d noted is, firstly, jeans cost cheaper than last year. A pair of DKNY jeans that I got for the lil’ hub cost only $30! Secondly, there weren’t as many Calvin Klein dresses/jackets, though I did manage to get like 4 dresses. Lastly, the way they categorize the children’s clothes is a little irritating. 3 years old to 10 years old. GOODNESS! It would be so much better if they can have a smaller range! I had to dig through the clothes to find dresses and tops that can fit my little milkie. Thankfully and luckily, I managed to find 2 really cute cardigans!

All in all, I definitely still find this bazaar a good one as a lot of apparels sold outside with good quality aren’t any cheaper nowadays.

I’ll still go for the last day, to see if I can get some other items after they’d slashed their prices. Today, it’s more than what I’d expected, spending almost a thousand for the lil’ hub, little milkie and myself. And to note, it’s only the FIRST day. Though tired, I definitely enjoyed the shopping experience. *LOL*

*more photos coming soon…*

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