Thoughts – Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

I almost laugh-out-loud when I saw the note pasted on little milkie’s communication book. Did I see it wrongly? I wondered, as I re-read the title and content of the printed note a few times – “PTC”, which stands for Parent-Teacher Conference. Erm… little milkie is only 2 years and 3 months old, and I sent her to a childcare under the Playgroup class for her to socialise and learn a little bit of things, what kind of parent-teacher conference do I need? Wahahaha… to tell me how “tao” or ya-ya-papaya my little milkie is? Or how she actually talked back to the teachers? Oops :p

I’m sorry but I do really find it amusing as well as surprised for it never cross my mind before that I had to actually do that for my little girl. I thought that only happens in Primary School? When have we advance to such level already? Or it’s just that I have no idea?

That’s the problem. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, to put pressure on the children as well as the parents. WHO started all this? If I can, I would like to find out who are the kiasu parents that started sending their children to “school” because they were afraid that their children will be lagged behind when they hit the primary school. And it’s precisely because of you such people, and thus it seems “compulsory” to send children to school when they are only 3 years old!

Sigh… but now that the trend has already started… what will happen if we don’t follow it? *ponder*

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