10.32am – IT’S A FRIDAY!!!! Alright, and so I’m back here again but I wondered how long it’s going to last. It’s getting really so troublesome to log in. Not to even mention the pile of blog posts I owed myself. I’m supposed to write on a daily basis, you know? Just to date down what happened in my life so that I can read back, shall there be a day where somehow I lost my memories for some reasons (yes, I probably watch too many movies and dramas). Though at times it’s a little boring, but boring is still better than having too excited things. I probably had enough of that! Unlike my dearest colleague, who at this point, is still searching…

Sigh… I don’t blame her for that. After all, I do really understand that kind of emptiness. I just hope she can fill that emptiness with something else and divert her attention towards other things too. It’s getting a little mundane with her daily rants on this boy and that boy, when she don’t even know what she REALLY wants. Fantasizing, that’s what I feel.

Oh! Talking about that, it seems like it’s been a little while since I’d watch movies! But hmm… can’t make it tonight, nor tomorrow or Sunday. Gee… looks like I’ll have to postpone till next week.

October’s ending soon. It’s really scary when month after month, it just pass and nothing much seems to be done other than Milo being brewed, which also seems a little scary when I can’t feel much yet, other than some flutters every now and then. The lil’ hub is even worse, he actually asked me which week/month I’m into now because he totally has no idea. Sigh… guys…

Well, I’m going to draw some blood (ahhhhhhhh… ) tomorrow for some test. Hope I don’t faint tomorrow. Pray hard.


Ah… am feeling really bloated now after having that mee rebus in the morning. It costs $3 for an extremely big plate but it’s really waaaay too much. At the canteen above Sheng Siong along Serangoon North Avenue 5. Darn. I hate this feeling. Okie, shall try and catch up with my blog! I’ve got so many things I want to write about!

11.26am – Have you seen a human merlion before? Although it seems somewhat similar to the times where I puke because I’m drunk, it definitely doesn’t seem fair when I haven’t even touch a drop of it! Sigh… an hour ago, I was still complaining about the bloated-ness. But apparently little milo caught signs of it, and pushes the mee rebus out so that I can have my lunch soon. Yes, I’m almost hungry now, but with a burning throat, I doubt I will have much appetite. One thing that really puzzles me though, where did all those fluid, that came together with the mee rebus, come from? Have I drank that much water since morning already?

Wait a minute.

I thought my pukiness normally comes at night? Why am I puking my breakfast out for the past 2 days?? O.O??

1.56pm – OMG! My sh*t smells of Arnold’s chicken! *GASP* Wahahahaha…

Heartburn’s gone. Stomach half-filled. Fluid topped up. Lunch’s over. Boss’s not around. Life’s good!

But! I think I need to increase my fibre intake. Seems like Mr Constipation is here to visit me. 3.5 more hours before I can knock off from work, what should I do for now? Work or blog? ^^

2.40pm – HOLY CRAP!! Forgot to help to do the daily report!!

3.11pm – All done. Sigh… I can’t even deny that I’m not old. Sigh… my memory is failing me… heeeellllpppp…

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