Thoughts – The Day After Halloween

And so, it’s the day after the celebration of Halloween, and event that I’d longed to celebrate for years but had not till this year, thanks to the help from my dearest sister and cousin, and of course some other relatives.

It’s the first day of November today, on a Saturday. Dad had just woke up when I was about to start ranting away. Mum and little milkie are still sleeping. The lil’ hub had gone out to bring his friend to view a property and the sister went out quite a long time ago. I got woken up by the lil’ hub while he was changing, and had been deliberating between ranting out or playing my WoW. Anyway, ended up not choosing the latter. Am now thinking what do I eat for dinner. The food left over from yesterday night are almost gone, anyway, I doubt I feel like eating it after already taking it for lunch. What else is there? Hmm… and little milo seems a little hungry already…

Had initially planned to go IKEA for a walk to get my hangers, but the lil’ hub had to work suddenly, and it’s too late for my dad to send us there. Sis ain’t here either. And me? *LOL* Let’s just assumed that I don’t have a license. Yes, I know I shouldn’t do that but it really is a little stressful to be on the road. Though I would be too if the driver is one who keeps on looking at his/her handphone.

So, it’s the second last month of the year. Though it seems like my November is still relatively empty, I assumed it’s because I haven’t start putting in the dates yet. There’s a few big things going on, definitely – my test result, parents going on holiday, a baby shower and a wedding, and the lil’ hub going on reservist, and if possible, a playdate. And then plans will have to be made for December, my favourite month of the year.

This year, as usual, hasn’t been totally organized. In fact, it probably is a lot worse than expected. Procrastination bugs are everywhere. Now made worse with the hormones (glad I’ve got the excuse). Months after months, attempts to get back on track failed terribly. But I do like my spirit of not willing to give up despite that many failures. *LOL* And I feel like smashing this lappie right at this moment. Can’t that bloody keyboard functions properly? Or is it meant only for gaming? ^(^$%^^#@%!!!

Ah… looks like it’s post Halloween food for dinner after all… *looking at dad warming up some of them…*

It’s 5 minutes past 6pm. Shall I wake little milkie up? I realised I’m often in such dilemma – to get the kid on track for her routine, or give myself some peaceful ME time. Hmm… I think I should go wake her up, and get her to do some painting, which I promised her earlier on, since there’s no more shopping which I had planned for it too.

Enjoy the rest of the Saturday. I’m still trying to get back on track!

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