Ramblings #1010

2.06am – It’s definitely one of those rare days where I’m still awake at such time nowadays. I attribute it to the Chinese movie that just ended around half an hour ago, starring Louis Khoo, Daniel Wu and I don’t know the name of the girl. It’s the story about a girl failing and falling in love. Eventually, of course, chosen a man who she had waited patiently for 3 years for her, instead of one who cheated on her before. That’s quite logical, right? I’m so glad I don’t have to get involve with such decisions again *feeling blissful just by looking at the asleep lil’ hub, little milkie and the little milo that I’m brewing*

Just hours ago, little milkie got angry with me and said that she don’t like me, because I said that she’s naughty (she put her fingers in her mouth and then smudged the saliva on her face) and thus Santa Claus won’t give her any present. But after almost an hour, and not sure what did the lil’ hub tell her, she suddenly came over and tell me that she loves me. Kids… they are simply so funny.

It’s already Sunday. My Saturday’s quite alright other than the 2 diarrhoeas that I had few hours back. I’m not too sure but I guess it could be due to the leftover curry that I took for lunch and/or dinner. Otherwise, I’m pretty much just rotting it away.

My “business partner” text me late though. Guess it’s time to start, if I want to make a change. And indeed, I do, about my blogs. I’m thinking of re-organizing it a little bit, again. Well, as always, change is the only constant. One must be able to adapt to changes. And that is one thing the world always does. What’s more? I don’t want to lose out, I really don’t. I’m not one to admit to defeat. Though am just a silence competitor, it does make me look/feel bad shall I lag behind.


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