3.29am – You have no idea how thankful I was, to be sitting down here and watching little milkie sleeping peacefully, after I woke up from a nightmare.

Had dreamed about bringing little milkie out with my sister for a shopping trip. But with too many things to carry while travelling on train, a kind lady offered to carry little milkie for me. I allowed that (WTH?!!!). But after we alighted from the train, which we thought the lady would follow too, she didn’t… and there I stood, watching little milkie in her arms, and moving further away from me…

As shock as we were, the next few hours were spent searching for little milkie at the next station (hoping that the auntie would alight). You have no idea how scary that feeling was, imagining losing her forever. But just at the point when I’m on the verge of giving up, the auntie came back with little milkie. Apparently she had waited but couldn’t see us, and therefore, had brought little milkie back home for a while so that she can bathe and cook (WTH AGAIN!!!).

Anyhow, I’m so glad that she’s back. And luckily it’s only a dream. I hope I won’t be that stupid in reality.

9.25am – I was clearly not in a good mood when I woke up today, especially when I had a short tiff with the lil’ hub late last night about going back to our own house and staying over this weekend. Why can’t he understand where I’m coming from? Do I have to speak out every single little thing? It seems like all he cares about is his mother (again) and his work, but what about little milkie and me?

My parents will be going for a short tour over this weekend, this coming Friday. And the initial plan was to go back to our own house since only my sister will be around late at night. But then the lil’ hub suddenly mentioned that he will have to go for a “brothers” gathering for an upcoming wedding of a friend. So when I suggested the idea of going back our house to have lunch with his mum, then sending little milkie and I back to my parents’ house (since she’s more used to staying there with all her toys around) before picking us up at night or bring some of little milkie’s toys over, the lil’ hub deemed it as troublesome and some excuses for me to escape going back home. But am I? NO!! I’m simply trying to prepare what little milkie will ask for! Has he no idea how his precious daughter behaves when she’s not at her grandma’s house for too long??!!! WHO is the one that is going to handle her when he’s not around? ME!!!! His mum? I think her help would only be minimal, not that I’m trying to be sarcastic, I’m just being logical here. And now that I’m having my big round tummy, it ain’t easy for me to entertain and chase after an active and bored toddler for half of the day!! Thanks to the creator of humanity for not making man being the one preggy instead.

And now, early in the morning, you had to say things like abandoning me with little milkie alone for this weekend, since I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK HOME, and thus you simply just drop the whole idea of going back. Honestly, one more step of pissing me off, I really am just going to stay with little milkie and milo in my parents’ house over this weekend by hook or by crook. And you can jolly well just go to your cousin’s baby shower alone with your dearest mum. Can’t you for once, just picture everything logically instead of just your mum happily playing with little milkie for the WHOLE day? Because that is going to be IDEAL situation that ain’t realistic at all, not for the whole day.

He? He probably never think for me anyway. His mum is and has always been his priority.

Crap. I’m really in a bad mood.

“When your emotions are controlled by your hormones, you only wished the people around you can see that too.”

12.28pm – Mood is a tad better after taking the lunch and having some peace alone. Would have bought mee rebus back for the lil’ hub if I’m not planning to get any Christmas gifts. Haha yes, that’s me. Pissed but yet still will think of that idiot. Well, no time for that anyway, so will stick to my original plan of clearing the Christmas list. And I’m so addicted to sugared drinks this time round. Damn. No good. Last sip *siiiiiiiiip*

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