“Let your imagination run wild.”

That was what my Primary 5 English teacher told me 23 years ago, which I have never forget. I didn’t understand what he wanted to convey then, and I can never really let my imagination run wild in class, other than to all the scary thoughts.

But through the years, as I read through fictional books one after another, it started to dawn on me that the imagination is limitless. And it’s amazing. From fantasy, to science fiction, to fairytales, to vampires, and what not. The main thing is, you never know what it can lead you to, if you just let it run…

For a young child, never constrain their imagination. For this is how they learn at times, if you want their creativity to flourish, and in turn, probably better in problem solving and their reflex.

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful girl with crazy imagination. From creating different endings of “The Three Little Pigs”, to coming up with a name of a new monster on her own every now and then. And I’m glad that my hub didn’t crush her imagination but instead, went along with it. Probably in a while more, I will start to get her to describe her monster and get her to draw it out. After all, it sounds fun, right? Tell a story and get them to continue, that would definitely help too!


What did you see in this picture?

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