One might think, like the lil’ hub, that I shouldn’t be feeling as tired as I should be, since I also never did much when my parents ain’t around over the weekend. But you are wrong! It might seem like I never do anything too, but in fact, there’s still a few things that I did additional!

Lying at the side of my body, I can feel my whole body relaxing, with little milkie and the lil’ hub already snoring away. I’m tired, physically and especially mentally.

Not to mention Friday’s and Saturday’s outing, just take today for example, and it’s good enough to know why I’m so tired.


It started out in the morning, where I woke up with a nice view, of seeing little milkie hugging the lil’ hub to sleep. And then after that the MIL went to get breakfast. Yes, indeed, the lil’ hub bathed little milkie, but I had to set out to prepare the things for him, and then after that it’s all the packing and entertaining little milkie.

Then it’s the baby shower that we had to attend, all the way right to the West side. Little milkie wasn’t the only one who is tired, I am too, especially with that aching back. And when she saw those Uncles and Aunties, she clung onto me like a koala bear. Look here, I seriously don’t have much strength to carry her for that long but help ain’t there unless I specifically ask for it (which at one point, I couldn’t even find the lil’ hub).

Then there’s the MIL who carried little milkie to get some food, to only leave her wandered around alone after that, lost in the crowd. Luckily, the lil’ hub and I were quick to see her alone, and waved her over. You have no idea how glad she was (shown all over her face) when she finally saw us, after looking lost for a minute, and ran so fast all the way back (though it’s just around a few metres away). You know, she could have run the other direction, and out of the door, for all we knew, hadn’t the lil’ hub and I caught sight of her first.

Thereafter, I was waiting for the lil’ hub to bring us out to have a proper meal, but then the MIL decided to have a long chat with the big aunt instead of staying for just an hour (as what she mentioned earlier). And then little milkie had to entertain herself by singing, and then finally starting to play with a cousin’s daughter. The lil’ hub, seeing this, long forgotten the fact that his preggy wife is not full from the buffet. Poor little milo… and me…


What’s worse? A trip to Holland Village eventually ended up with NO food because the lil’ hub had wanted to eat the food at Coffee Bean but there wasn’t any available seat at all. And the rest isn’t to his liking (and thus I also never suggest).

And for the WHOLE trip back home, he and his dearest mum were complaining about how pathetic the buffet is, and blah and blah… Sigh… I had to act sleeping just to avert his redundant questions and save my energy.

Well, you have no idea how glad I am when I finally got back to my parents’ house, and even more so when my sister was back with food, though by then, my hunger and appetite had already died off.

Anyhow, I’m just glad that I managed to survive this week. Indeed, it ain’t easy to manage a toddler when you are carrying a small one around. Every breath is so hard to breathe.

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