9.10am – I can’t believe it’s Monday again! Gee… and it’s going to be a busy and tough week to endure, with meetings packed together and items to be completed, topped up with a team building (I’m so glad that I don’t need to participate in too many things, thanks to little milo) at the end of the working week, and then finally the result that I’d been anticipating for 2 whole weeks. Oh yes! And little milkie’e vaccination appointment. Ah… Little milkie must has somehow known about it or got a gut feeling and thus, whined and cried when she went to school just now. *LOL*

As for the lil’ hub, well, let’s just say he had been trying hard but to no avail. Nonetheless, whatever that I said to him in the car ain’t for fun only. Due to his working status, I can’t have the mentality that I can quit anytime, not that I would, since I wanted my maternity leave badly, but it would be nice to know that there’s a “support” behind.

… and I just got to know that I’m a backup for the security. Darn. WHO IS BACKING ME UP?!!! I DEMAND MORE MONEY!!! *LOL*

Work had been busy. The initial idea of things finally brightening and changing seems nice at the start, but now, there are more stringent KPIs being implemented which caused the moral to drop quite a bit, and a number of people wanting out. That, isn’t really something that comforting to know, amidst the pile of work. And that makes me want to leave too, but… when you’ve got a kid to feed, and another one coming out, plus your hub isn’t earning as much, that’s an idea to be totally cast aside.

Now, the world. People are getting crazier each day, that’s from what I see. From leaking nude photos of celebrities (why do they want to take in the first place??), to the trend of returning money in coins, to the depressing economy, to the insanity of people on a killing spree, to wars and more wars, to banning of touching of dogs. WTH. Can’t people just live in peace and harmony??

It’s a Monday, enjoy the bluuueeeees…


10.58am – Need to take more veg and fruits. A bit constipated. No good.

4.05pm – Stubborn!!!!!! Can’t he find other alternatives. And just because of your inflexibility, I need to do more work. *facepalm* Okay, must be the hormones that’s acting up. Breathe… Breathe…

4.42pm – Kids. Sometimes you get so amused by the things they said or do. I just called home and my nephew picked up the phone. Without knowing who I was (since I never mentioned), he started telling me that his sister use the phone and hit her grandmother. Then I asked him why but he never reply. So I asked him to pass the phone to my mum, his replied was, “Okay, bye bye.” and then he hung up the phone. O.O”’

Am I missing something here?

4.46pm – Oh yes!! Remind me to ask my nephew, what is “so-shi-sa”?

5.09pm – Am trying to do another re-org here, so beeeeeaaaarrr with me. *LOL* Oh well, change is the only constant. Muahahahaha…

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