9.35am – So, since the meeting had been postponed till half an hour later, I might as well write a bit on my blog and clear some of the things. *LOL* Good morning, it’s a Tuesday, and tomorrow, it’s going to be a relatively scary Wednesday. I do seriously hope I can stay calm, and get enough sleep at night. Recently had been waking up around 5-ish to make milk for little milkie. And that sure breaks my sleep, causing me to be a tad tired than usual. Anyway, life still goes on, and I’ll persevere!

9.58am – It’s dumb. To sit in the meeting room like an idiot when the meeting timing had been postponed once again till tomorrow. Sigh… Can’t it be postponed earlier? And not wait till the last minute?

10.37am – Sometimes I feel, people still take me as an admin. Sigh…


11.52am – I am a little irritated with my lunch kaki today. If you still can’t make it, then SAY IT! Why let the other person wait??!!! It’s courtesy! Furthermore, I’d asked a few times already!! Fancy searching for nonsensical thing at a time like that. Don’t tell me there’s going to be a third time, I will just leave you alone.

1.23pm – I’m not in a good mood today. And I feel sooooo bloated. Urgh.

1.39pm – The growing tummy is making me difficult to breathe while sitting down… Little milo, how are you today? You seem a little quiet these few days. Is everything alright inside?

2.20pm – Right… Told you I wouldn’t be fast. I’ve got no mood to rush through the work. *Taking my own sweet time* Ah… if only I’m sleeping right now in this rainy weather.

2.44pm – This sure brightens up my day! Little Milo is OKAY! And the baby is really MILO!

5.36pm – And your team member conveniently created this as a ticket and assigned to me. It’s SUPPOSED to be done by project managers, dude.

10.48pm – It sure is funny, to suddenly see little milkie jumping up, and shouted “NINJA TURTLE MEGAFORCE!” (supposed to be Power Rangers Megaforce though), in an attempt to protect me and the lil’ hub because we said we were scared of the monsters that’s on the TV (Korean drama – Master’s Sun). So cute. Kids are soooo cute.

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