It hadn’t been an easy first trimester, with not too good news at the end of it. But thankfully it had been a great start for the second trimester, to know that the results are good, and also, it’s 100% little milo!


Yes, you heard me alright. It’s a boy beyond that pink flower on my blouse. There’s no need to guess or wait anymore, which means, I can start SHOPPING! *LOL*

Anyway, as I’d mentioned, it wasn’t as easy as my #1 in the first trimester. I puked more than I did previously. And appetite at night is a lot worse, even the day was bad too! I can easily puked 3-6 times right after a meal of any sort. Worst of all, I can’t take anything that contains milk, which includes milo, unlike my #1 where milk is one of my saviour. Now, I only hope little milo won’t be lactose intolerant when he’s out, else it’s really going to be troublesome (and expensive). And what’s going to happen to all my breastmilk?? Anyway, it’s way too early to think about that.

So… this was a planned pregnancy. Planned as in, we wanted it, or maybe I should say, I wanted it more than the lil’ hub. And I didn’t want to get pregnant at an even older stage. I’m glad we didn’t have to seriously try for too long before I got pregnant again. Definitely ain’t so nervous as the first time, and the time definitely passed faster with me having to cope with work and an active toddler. In almost a glance, the first trimester is over, and I’m left with 5 months to go.

Am now in the 4th, and am starting to feel some wriggling every now and then. Hope to feel the kicks and punches soon, I kind of miss that. Erm… yes, I probably really do love and enjoy the whole pregnancy journey, excluding the puking portion. It’s an experience, and sure is a different experience every time.

So, it really is a boy. Hmm… right. Like what some said, I can form a “好”. Well, it probably doesn’t really matter to me whether is it a boy or a girl, so long the baby is healthy. But weirdly, for this pregnancy, none of those people around me predicted that it’s going to be a girl. Little milkie had asked once, who is that “gor gor” in my room. Did she see a spirit that’s going to be her future younger brother? Auntie Yang (the “fortune teller” had commented that I’ll most likely have a boy if conceived within these period. A cousin’s friend had mentioned that she sensed the boy’s presence even before I announced that I’m preggie. Maybe, he, does, really wants to be known. Or maybe, he’s going to be a GREAT man. Either all, he’s still going to be my little milo.

God blessed.

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