3.33am – Unlike the other nights, I didn’t wake up at this time of the night for a peeing session. I woke up because my nose is running and my throat is sore. Darn. I caught the bloody virus from my colleague(s). F. That was the first thought. And then it was purely anger, as I tried to stop my running nose and get back to sleep.

I should have started wearing the mask since yesterday, once I realised that she was sick. It’s not the first time anyway, that I caught the virus from her after she refused to wear a mask when I suggested it. But alas, it’s too late now. I just hope I don’t spread to little milkie.

7.14am – Throbbing headache. I swear I can kill someone now.

9.09am – That was the last straw. To see if she’s willing to take up my offer of wearing a mask. But looks like I’m being rejected again. Thanks so much for spreading the viruses, dude. I really am officially putting you in my black list of ‘DO NOT go near person when they are sick.”. Damn, there she goes coughing again. Can’t she bloody hell just go and wear a mask!! Her kid is old enough, but other people has got young children and elders back at home! That’s it. I’m not going to breathe in more viruses from you nor do I care how your voice had turned into. You can go and *beep* on your own. To *beep* with you!


And did I not tell that idiot to not create the ticket and assign to me? What is all these idiots doing?!!!!!! Bloody hell. Fine, you want to do it the official way, then you shall wait longer. I’m totally occupied this week.

9.42am – Tell me not to wear headphones… how do you expect me to concentrate at work when you are talking so loudly behind me? Urgh… I’M NOT IN A GOOD MOOD TODAY. STOP PISSING ME OFF!!

12.54pm – $2 for a cup of soya bean? I doubt it’s that expensive right? I only remembered after I left the shop but it’s alright if you didn’t give me the change. And now I know why you’ve got that “oh, let’s try and keep quiet” look on your face after I handled you that 2 dollars note. YOU, are one of the reasons why people are getting more and more irritated with others that came from your country. Tarnished the name of your own countrymen. Go home please.

2.56pm – You know how selfish one can be, from their response to their rejection of wearing a mask:

Lady A: I wore it yesterday at night already. WTH! You mean you are scare of spreading it to your own child, but you don’t mind nor care spreading it to other people?!

Gentleman B: You are the one that’s weak, and thus got the virus! Yes, I admit I’m weak, but if you DO actually wear that mask, a weak person like me (or any other people) wouldn’t have caught the virus!

4.36pm – It’s raining oh so heavily again…

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