It began somewhat like 2 days ago, when the frequency of the flutters started to increase, and the feeling getting more and more prominent. Is my baby getting stronger by the day? I guess it’s about time.

I’m currently in Week 18 through my pregnancy. And it’s around then that the butterfly flutters that you felt in your tummy area, the amazing feeling (which the men can never understand) that kept you wondering if it’s the baby inside you that’s moving, will get stronger and stronger each day. And soon, those flutters will become light punches and kicks, and eventually heavy punches and kicks that will kept you smiling throughout the day.

Yes, it might be annoying at times as it can keep you up all night, but its a sign that you won’t want to miss. Why? For a simple fact that you don’t have to wonder anymore how your baby is doing inside, unlike the first trimester where there’s totally no sign nor symptom (unless you want to consider morning sickness as one) at all.

Be patient, the flutters will come soon, especially if it’s your first child. Apparently it seems like first time mommies don’t experience as early as those who gave birth before. But I think it’s just a matter of knowing it because one has experienced it.

Enjoy the pregnancy!


My mum said that I seem to enjoy getting pregnant. I probably really do, especially during the process. Indeed, it really is an amazing feeling.

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