7.08am – Maybe it’s not really that good an idea to go out on both days of the weekend. Oh no, wait, change a little, to wake up so early on both days… Sigh…

I felt like I’m becoming a panda again. And my cough has finally came though I did try and hopefully chase it away. No good. When cough is here, some of his pals will come too… -.-”’

7.20am – Wow. It’s either little milo┬áis too excited to go to work on a Monday morning or that he’s resisting not to go. Suddenly, I’m getting all the light punches and kicks from him.


10.16pm – It’s weird. Before she sleeps, I have tons of things that I feel like doing. But after she slept, I feel like sleeping too… *Yawn* Hmm… how do I go about doing all those things?

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