Ramblings #1027

12.23pm – There’s really lots of weird people around and getting weirder. I was having lunch with my admin at Burger King @ NEX. There was a very thin file or voucher-like thing on the table that my admin had sat. The initial thought was that someone left it behind and thats it. But half way through the meal, suddenly the file was taken away. We were too engross in the topic that we are chatting and weren’t noticing who took it (we thought its the cleaner). Minutes later, an old uncle approached n started reprimanding us. Telling us off at why we sat at a table with other people things on the table. My colleague (who was in a very bad mood), started shooting him back also. And then the uncle left, calling us uncillvilised. Is he being civilised by talking to us in that manner. I had wanted to apologize but he didn’t give us a chance to with his ranting off. Anyway where did he come out from? If he is really in the queue, why did he confront us only now? Half way through…

8.02pm – Just ended a call with the lil’ hub who is freaking tired. Like what I told him, we ain’t young anymore. A night of dawning will take at least a week to recover. Moreover, for the subsequent 2 days, he had less than 5 hours of sleep.

The mood’s a little low, not sure what’s the issue. Maybe it’s due to that nonsensical uncle in the afternoon. Anyway, shall try to let that pass. I think something more interesting in my life.

9.39pm – Feels like taking half a day’s leave to rot in the library…

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