Ramblings #1029

12.15am – I’m late. Am supposed to try and sleep before 11pm. But I came home late so… sigh…

6.37am – There goes the lil’ hub for his reservist. Poor thing, he must be really tired.

6.54am – Constipation. Why will it caused constipation? Finally, I can feel the “stopper” out of the entrance, though it came with a price. Let’s hope the journey will be smoother from here on… And I shall continue with the “a fruit a day” and “8 glasses of water”.

8.39am – There she goes again, rushing through the crowd to her “favourite” car. I wonder why she chose that instead of the rest. Was it because it looks more protected? Hmm… so cute… love her to bits…

8.57am – It’s out! It’s OUT! It’s time for celebration!!! “Causeway” CLEARED!!

9.34am – *LOL* The lil’ hub just sent a lovey dovey SMS over. He must have been really tired but still, it’s nice ^^

11.40am – A training that ended as a complaint session about their incompetent bosses. I hear them but what can I do other than raising it to my boss. It ain’t something that process can control. It’s like I tell you not to eat chewing gum, would everyone follow? No.

4.22pm – Bored. I’m trying to keep myself from falling asleep in this communication session that is done quarterly. Ain’t I interested at all? I’m not. What’s the point of knowing all these when you weren’t in the sales or operations department? Not as if I’m going to get a lot of bonus just by sitting down here. There’s still so many things pending to be done. Alas, spare me… Let me go back to my seat…

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