Of recent, I think I just had a new job scope added to my JD – to maintain a “hotline” for grievances. I’m a little amused though especially while I was reading the Dilbert’s comic. Immediately, I fell in love with this picture.


“My work has meaning, but it’s not the good kind.” Indeed, it’s not the good kind. Imagine going into a training (wrong, it’s 2 consecutive training) and 15 minutes later, it became a complaint session for the employees on their bosses, indirectly. Yes, they did try and ask to see if we can somewhat improve the process such that some stages can be controlled. But as far as I know, there’s totally NO point in adding additional steps just to slow down the process because whoever that is supposed to be verifying the work, DIDN’T verify at all!

At my work place (or I think it’s just my department), signatures are worthless. You can sign on something but yet it doesn’t mean anything at all. So, really, what is the point?

So there I was, an hour of training became half an hour of training, while the other half, I let them rant all they want. I do hear them but what can I do other than feedback it to my boss? I know of this issue but it’s a human issue which can’t be controlled by processes. Unless those managers (which I never felt that they are fit to be one) really know what they are doing, nothing much can be controlled. If I’m given the power, I probably would just change the whole lot of them. The ones that only knows how to talk but not work.

Let’s now only hope the new boss can see and do something about it…

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