It’s a Sunday. I’m wondering why I ain’t lying on my bed. It’s simple. I’ve been pondering about the discussion that I’ve been having lately with my partner at work, especially at some of the things that she mentioned yesterday, which I disagreed greatly. That’s the problem. Partnership in work, is almost like having another relationship. Gosh, something that I hated most. That explains why this friend and I didn’t manage to start it out a long time ago as we would have wanted since before graduation.

But then, something made me wanted to really try it out with her this time round, and so I pushed, and I believed she wanted it too. Everything seems fine other than the usually procrastination issue that we both have. Until 2 days ago, where we were discussing about some grant issue. Gee… it’s a difference, definitely. She thinks a bit way too much, not that it’s no good but in certain areas, I felt that it’s a bit of erm… overdoing. I blamed it on her own character, her past experience and her working environment. It just makes her even more less risky as she already is.

Another point that I just remembered last night. A thinker. Now I truly understand the sentences when JY said “Thinkers cannot be entrepreneur because they think too much. By the time they finish thinking, the opportunity is already gone.” Right, that is exactly what I’d been feeling and now I’m wondering if I made the right decision to go ahead, or that I should have try it out on my own (or with the lil’ hub).

And since if this is true, that brings me to another point, this month, “Avoid taking any risks”, that’s what JY wrote. So should I just take a step back and let this past, and go by the safer road?

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