6.04am – Crap. Can’t get back to sleep after opening the door for the lil’ hub. It’s such a nice cooling morning! I should be sleeping!!

9.02am – Saw a packet of love from a colleague ^^


9.07am – A new month starting on a rainy morning. Is it to tell us that it’s already December? The cold December…

9.24am – WTH! $1.6k lappie for a kid, just for playing games? That’s a little too pampered! I only got a $900+ lappie for the lil’ hub for playing WoW, which is good enough! Sigh… the parents nowadays… either they are darn stupid and got cheated by their kids, or else they simply give and give and give without thinking…

11.19am – I want to faint already… I don’t know anything. If I can find, if I can dig, I would already have… but I really don’t!!! Why can’t you people just let me off?!

11.28am – Can someone explain to me a little using layman terms?


12.48pm – When the mood is not there, even choosing food to eat is difficult. Do I really feel like eating this today again? Answer: No. But why did I still buy it? Answer: I don’t know.

1.44pm – Crazy. Set a meeting at 8.30am tomorrow.

2.58pm – Should I change little milkie’s school? No, I do not want to. It’s tiring for all of us to get used to everything again.

5.03pm – If I don’t sleep, will I be able to finish up stuffs?

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