12.49am – Wow. I am still online! That’s because things are finally brewing and I didn’t want to kill the momentum! Let’s hope this time round, it can really get started. Wrong, it HAS TO! *LOL*

Anyway, am talking to my dear friend who seems to have some issues with her friends. Weird. All these people are weird or maybe I AM the weird one, for to me, if a friend sucks (especially those that you knew only for a short while), then stay away. At my age, I think we have to be selective when it comes to choosing friends. After all, how much time do you have left? 30 years? 40? 50? Imagine minus away your working hours, and those times where you sleep and spent with your family, you won’t have much time left. So, why spent it on people who makes you upset? You might say that I’m cruel or practical, but I would tell you that I’m just being realistic.

Life is short. Let yourself be happy instead of pondering over things that upset you especially when there’s not much benefits. Okay, time for me to sleep. Bon nuit.

“What day is tomorrow? It’s TUESDAY!”

9.26am – I’m not going to spend much time ranting away today for I really need to clear off that list soon before it piles higher than me. So, enjoy your day wherever you are! Cheerios!


2.15pm – When I look at all those beautiful cakes, I really wonder why am I sitting down here.

5.24pm – I want to puke blood when I talked to you. Why are you so inflexible? So rigid? WHY?!!!

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