9.01am – Another busy day…

9.16am – So I’ve cleared those extremely easy stuffs that still gets in the way, and now I’ve got this long list of things to do again. Should I go poo first? Or take my breakfast first? Or simply just jump into my load of work?

It’s Wednesday but I wished so much that it’s Friday, so that I get to “rest” from work. But alas… it’s just 13 more working days before the shutdown. Will I be able to finish all my work?

9.46am – Time to start.

10.35am – No pride in what they are doing. Such an obvious mistake.

10.37am – Hmm… nobody’s free for lunch today. So should I go home and have lunch or go somewhere else to have some peace and quiet on my own?

2.00pm – I’m back at work… from home… *crrrrrryy*

3.01pm – Okay, time to crack my brain.

5.29pm – YES!! Finally manage to crack that stupid nut!


7.02pm – What would your reaction be if your baby tells you that she’s getting married with that gor gor (a.k.a. your cousin’s son), and still said that she’s going to have 2 children…?

Mine: WTF. O.O”’
Lil’ hub: ……Cannot!!!!
Cousin’s wife: Too close, too close. Cannot!


8.10pm – Let’s start on the Christmas decorations!


10.30pm – Round and round she twirled in it. Glad she likes the colour. I love it too. Wonder if they already ordered… Need to go and get some nice ideas. Ah… ideas… I’ve still got my Christmas details to think…

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