1.54am – It’s the middle of the night and I swear that I’m freaking sleepy. But with that bulge growing bigger by the day, sleeping once again, proves to be difficult. I read my luck for next year. It wasn’t too bad. Asked me to manage my money better, which I certainly hope so. And also to stop procrastinating. Sigh…

6.48am – It’s more or less quite expected that he won’t be going for the test. Furthermore, it’s such a nice cooling morning. I just hope he won’t get lazier and lazier.

8.53am – Early in the morning and I’m thrown with such wonderful questions. Nice greetings for the first day after the one week break. Sucks to have such colleagues who like to “aim” at people and the moment they stepped in, they start asking questions after questions about work. There should be an official time given for settling down!

10.45am – Frugality. Frugality. Frugality. I just looked back on my past expenses and oh my! Did I use up my 5-digit savings last year? I think I did. Perhaps I would have done better had I taken note a little bit more. Nonetheless, with the lil’ hub’s irregular income like that, with me trying to help out in some of the groceries and expenses doesn’t seem like an extremely wise decision. And him not taking on some of my advices is plain stupid. But I’ve said whatever I want and there’s no point repeating. In 2015, I will try not to take so many responsibilities. At least, not the utilities. WHY am I paying for it when I’m not even using it (most of the time)!

I seriously hope that he can get a job soon. Preferably before the baby is due. The market outlook ain’t that good and he’s so picky even in earning some little income. Maybe I should get him to start doing some odd jobs. Something is seriously wrong if he still can’t get a job by April. Anyway, who Asked him to think so highly of himself. This period of time will make him re-think about his own capabilities. Honestly, it sucks a little. Meanwhile, I guess I can only endure and hopefully bite it through…


1.01pm – I’m so full now. Just finished my lunch and am now rotting and chit chatting with my bosses and colleagues. Today’s our potluck day but only half of them joined. Little milo seems to be enjoying the food too for he’s kicking every now and then. Hmm… I wonder if he will be as active as little milkie when he’s out. 3 more months, I will probably know 😀

5.20pm – The secret is out.

5.24pm – She really got the patience to “play” with these 2 little boys… If its me, I would have already kicked them far far away if I suspect so many things…

5.28pm – Little milo, what are you doing inside? Doing a somersault or learning taekwondo? Why is mommy feeling so many kicks and punches? 15 more weeks or less to go. Will see you this saturday. Hang in there okay?

5.31pm – What would have caused someone to be so angry and don’t wish to talk to him, and subsequently slamming down the phone IN the office?

10.30pm – Let’s try and make little milkie asleep early so that I can read and sing to little milo later on. ^^

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