1.01am – Gosh! Did I doze off again while making little milkie sleep? Oops, missed call from the lil’ hub.

7.23am – Another day. Sleepy. What should I do today? My planning hasn’t completed fully yesterday. And I can’t find the receipt!

10.03am – Sleeping bugs attack!!!!

11.17am – This is from Yahoo News: Earn your first dollar outside of your job

“If you’ve ever considered a career change or even had wild fantasies about quitting your job, that’s just one of the reasons you should start thinking about finding an alternative income stream. With more and more Singaporeans working beyond retirement age, it’s a good idea to start experimenting with earning money outside of the constraints of your job, unless you want to still be sitting at the same desk decades from now.

How you decide to earn your first dollar outside of work really depends on your abilities and your interests. Whether you decide to moonlight as a private tutor, become a pub musician or start a small business, the mere act of earning money that’s all yours—not your boss’s—no matter how small the amount, might have a stronger impact on your future plans than you think.”


11.50am – Frugality starting this week! Shall try not to spend too much for lunch. Every little bit counts. Anyway, not much appetite today. Guess little milo doesn’t like food as much as little milkie. Well, good for me then. So let’s hope I can keep the weight within 62kg this time round. And hope when I measured my weight this Saturday, it’s NOT more than 57kg. I’ve still got a quarter to go, you know.

1.14pm – No mood to work but have to work. For the money!

1.23pm – Little milo, little milo, why are you tumbling inside again? Are you getting bored and restless?

1.38pm – The throat is a little sore today. Weird. Why? I never eat anything heaty… *yawns* Better start working again. Sucks. Okay, I can’t have such negative thinking… Press on. Press on. Press on…

4.19pm – Medication for depression? Throw them away. I never really believe in it. That’s like the LAST resort before someone committed suicide. Yes, I just threw that idea off B when she mentioned it. I have no idea where that came from but the mentioned of the word “medication” sounds basically like “drugs” to me. I rather she just talk it out. Really. Unless there’s totally no one to talk to, otherwise I really don’t see the need.

Anyway, it’s all because of the effects of actions that she did this year that led her to where she is now. All she needs is to tune her lifestyle and things will definitely get better. I just wrote a list of 2015 goals for her. I sure hope she follows it. Even if its a few is good enough.

5.49pm – The idea of leaving early ended up leaving even later and that I have to wait at the lobby. Goodness.

7.04pm – That’s how zucchini looks like, if you have no idea what it is, like me. *LOL*

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