As I bid goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year, just want to highlight some of the events in 2014 that brightened up my life, gave me headaches and filled up my 2014, with photos!

Indeed, it had been quite a nice one, though not one of the best. And it’s going to get better each year.

FYI, photos not in sequence. ^^


Me and my finale 3-tier cake. Isn’t it nice? Took me quite a few days to complete it. No wonder it’s so expensive to get people to do such cakes.


A trip to Genting with little milkie and family! She definitely enjoyed the trip a lot, with rides after rides. I really have no idea what’s so fun about the merry-go-round though.


Her first hair cut at the salon and she never cry! She did cry once during the second hair cut, but moving on, most of the time, it was a bliss. She’ll sit down quietly. Good job, little milkie. Mommy is really very proud of you!


Our staycation at Changi Village hotel. Wasn’t the best but it’s still not too bad for that price. The food around that area was definitely nice!


Our first Halloween celebration and it was quite a success! it’s been a long time since I’d wanted to organized one but without much success. But thanks to the help, especially to my dearest sister and cuz, WE DID IT! Will definitely try again next year!


Finally, a staycation at Hardrock Hotel. If not for the flexiclaim, I doubt the lil’ hub will agree to it. But it was a worthy package, which includes the accommodation and tickets to USS, aquarium and adventure cove.


Thank God that the both of them didn’t make noise or cry during the play about Little Red Riding Hood. Nice one!


Went to school and though cried for quite a few months, I’m just glad that she had finally settled down and seems to be enjoying in school. So long she had enough sleep, there won’t be much whining.


Her first encounter of the HFMD. Poor thing. That one week was a torture for her, and for all of us. Let’s hope this is the first, and the last.


Little milo passing the second trimester soon! An active baby so far, which means a healthy baby! And I’m so looking forward to you joining our family soon! Just another 3 months. I’m counting down…


A cake, that I seriously am proud of. Not that it’s not a butter cake, which I usually bake. But one where I love the soldier so much! It’s so cute! Will try and create more, and seriously focus on my Pans & Play next year!

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