HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!! IT’S 2015!!! AND I’M 35 (Almost)!!!

Just to recap, the summarize vision that I have for myself for 2015 – Life your life, love your life. Dream big. Keep calm and craft, bake and press on!

It had been a wonderful 2014, and I know that 2015 will be an even better year! As what JY had stated out for me, here are some of the points that I need to keep reminding myself in the year to come, and one of my own resolutions (and they are NOT meant to be broken):

Focus on your goals and don’t falter
That’s definitely something which I’d failed very badly every year. But I’m really going to try hard this year, really. And I’ve got so many goals to achieve! Slim down, start my business, manage my babies, save!

Avoid getting into other people’s business
Right. I ought not to be so concern to so many people, for my own sake, especially this year. Or else, if it really does affect my financial status, I will bang my head against the wall. I can’t afford it.

Learn to manage my finance better
Yes, it’s true. I needed it. So I’m going to give myself 50 bucks every week and try to stick to that amount (after I have meet up with all those that I wanted to meet up in January). And I’ll have to separate those money spent and returned by my family. Lastly, get the lil’ hub to pay for part of the groceries, especially so after he found a job.

Learn new skills and gain new knowledge
Ah… especially good if I don’t have to spend the money. But it’s a MUST to do that. Knowledge is endless. Library is going to be a place that I will hang out. And I’m planning to have a reading day a month, or maybe a baking day? Hmm…

Don’t be tempted by procrastination, be proactive in reaching goals and improve my life
PROCRASTINATION is always the culprit!! I need to kill it!!

2015 is going to be a BIG year, with BIG plans. First and foremost, I’ll be looking forward to the arrival of little milo, and hopefully he’ll be happy and healthy, and can live happily with everyone. And then there’s the plan to kick start fiercely at least 2 of my “projects”. It’s been way too long since we started it. Finally, the plan to start searching for a nice BIG house, assuming that the lil’ hub can find a job by then.

It’s going to be a challenging year with hiccups, if what JY said is true. But am just going to have faith with myself and keep going. It’s not the time to lose hope.

So, bring it on, 2015!


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