Ramblings #1052

6.53am – It feels like a Monday although it’s a Friday. First day of work for 2015, shall strive to make it better! Ganbatte! Even though I’m freaking tired after getting kicked here and there for the whole night. *LOL*

8.36am – I am so glad little milkie seems excited to go back to school again. And she’s promoted to Pre-Nursery!! Woohoo!

9.17am – Did I see wrongly? How come there’s 2 more additional annual leave??

9.19am – It’s a call for celebration!! 2 more days additional leaves when you work more than 3 years!! Yeah!! I’m so happy! *LOL*

2.36pm – Regardless of who is the person, one should not be soft-hearted when it comes to rules. It’s not meant to be broken. One needs to learn to be more responsible in their work even if its learned through the hard way. I even penalised myself with my SLA slashed half when I forgot to close a ticket even after its completed long ago, so why should I be lenient to the others?

4.16pm – Hmm… needs to go home on my own. Do I still remember how?

4.23pm – Uh oh. Even the new boss got complains already… She really better go find a new job…

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