I wasn’t able to sneak away from baby. She didn’t want to take my answer and insisted on tagging along. And so here we are, with my cousin and friend, at one of the Udders Ice Cream branch located at the first level of a corner of myVillage mall at Serangoon Garden.

Thankfully, it was quite a breezy night. And since there wasn’t any available seats inside, we had to take those seats outside the shop. It’s nice, to sit down and chill out like that. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the unromantic lil’ hub, who probably will either complain about the expensive parking, or difficulty to find carpark lots. Nonetheless, he’s still my beloved and cute lil’ hub ^^

Anyway, back to the food. We didn’t order that much and I don’t know the price. But I doubt it’s going to be that cheap. The price should be comparable to that of Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry’s etc.


The ice cream? Definitely good. We ordered a waffle with “Awesomely Chocolate” and “Horlicks Balls” flavours. Cousin’s friend separately ordered a durian flavour ones (since I don’t eat durian). I personally am not a fan of Horlicks, so wasn’t really impressed with that flavour. But the waffle was good, especially when it first came out, hot and crispy.

Little milkie definitely enjoyed it too, for she kept on eating, and eating, and eating.

Nice way to chill out, when alcohol is out.

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