6.40am – Birds chirping early in the morning is supposed to be something quite nice, especially on a cool breezy morning. But when a pack of birds chirped, such as one whole extended family of at least 30 of them, since 5am+, all you feel like doing is to take out your gun (i.e. if you ever own one) and shoot down some of them. Sigh… when are they coming to chop down the trees…?

8.56am – The nightmare seems to have started all over again as little milkie tried to cling onto me. Its bad timing too, that her class had to be quarantined because one kid gotten HFMD. Sigh…

9.22am – Exhausted.


8.56pm – I’m SO HAPPY! My facialist just commented that my skin is good, meaning it’s not too dry nor oily! And it’s been 2 months since I last came here to see her! So you see, efforts (and money) do pay off! I’ve been hardworking enough to try and put a mask every alternate days, and diligently slapping those SK-II products on my face, day and night, and lastly, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day!

It helps, peeps! Ganbatte!! I am SOOOOOO motivated! ^^

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