I was a little shock when I know the purpose of that call. One of the last few person who would asked me for that, my dear friend, B.

There must be something wrong going on in her marriage, which I thought seems to be getting better for the past few months ever since B started to work part time again. But I was wrong, so wrong. A clarification tells me that her husband had insisted that she stopped working for other people altogether, and instead to work for him, for free. Thus, she had to quit her part time job to avoid arguing.

Yes, you heard me right. It’s for free. By right it’s not supposed to be free. But according to B, he never seems to pay her enough, if there’s any at all.

What’s more? The “allowance” that he “gave” her were actually the money that she earned previously through her own hard work. And it’s just barely enough to sustain the high living standards of the husband, who likes to insist on having organic food. So how about her own insurance? And savings? Or money for the parent? None at all.

And at times, she still had to fork out money of her own. But where to get when she already used up whatever savings that she had saved previously, nor is she able to work outside?

I seriously and honestly had no idea what that husband of hers is thinking. Is it the fear of her knowing other guys? Or that when she has money, that she will take the child and leave? Or that he’s simply way too possessive? Or maybe he did really gone crazy…

Whatever the case, it’s not one to remain sane with a husband as such. My solution to her was to (1) starve the husband once the allowance or whatever money for her to buy the grocery had finished (after using it up for the child, at least) and then (2) start her own home business if she’s really not allowed to work for other people (definitely am going to share with her when I meet up with her soon). Though for the latter, I’m not so sure if she will have the time. It seems like her husband is always “watching” her every move. Gosh… how did B end up like that?

If it’s you, what would you do? I know for me, I will definitely fight my way through such illogical and nonsensical way of handling things, regardless of what’s the outcome. How can a woman of this era be bind by such rules! We will see… I can’t let B suffer under a guy like that. Her future (and her daughter’s) is still bright.

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