7.07am – This is hard work. To try and get out of the bed when you are so lack of sleep and aching all over the place. Darn… Was it due to the shopping last night, or has the tummy suddenly grown bigger again overnight?

8.24am – Wow… I had to spend around 5 whole minutes to wake little milkie up today, who totally had no response despite whatever I did. She must be really tired… and of course… not after she slept so late last night because nobody is there to stop her from watching the Youtube videos. Sigh… that’s what happens when I doze off earlier than her…

8.46am – Gee, seems like little milkie and I are not the only people who haven’t woke up. The lil’ hub, funnily, just drove past us because he forgotten that he’s supposed to pick us at that point. *Cough* And we actually walked together with him till the multi-storey carpark today. No, can’t do it this way. Will have to try and sleep earlier tonight. Try… but… I’m meeting my friend for dinner! *LOL*

11.12am – One training down. Another one to go in the afternoon, which I guess will be more tiring, as it’s a local one and I’ll have to stand for an hour. Sigh… hope I am still awake by then. *YAWN*



12.41pm – It’s getting a little irritating when you are having meals with people who kept on playing with their handphones (not just today). Manners!! Manners!! Where is it?! Can’t we just eat properly?? Can I have a meal with you guys where you don’t touch your handphones at all when the food is here? I’m better eating alone this way, if it’s going to continue…

4.18pm – Yeah! All training’s completed for the week! Shall rest my brain and voice for the rest of the day before I proceed to tackle any item tomorrow. So tired…

4.53pm – Oh. Dinner cancelled. Looks like I’m going home, which isn’t that bad a thing, considering that I’m so freaking tired. Wonder if I have the energy to clear my list. Hmm…

5.32pm – Can’t seem to get this post updated through the apps in my android phone, thus had to log in to blog about it. It’s almost time to knock off. Am just waiting for my dad to come and pick me up before going back home to do some maintenance for my system. Weird, my sister and the lil’ hub ain’t replying to my cancellation of dinner. Are they really that busy?

8.32pm – It’s funny to see the reactions of children while you are playing with them. I was playing this memory game with little milkie, using flash cards that are placed upside down, and then opening 2 at each turn, to see if it’s the same one. It’s not too bad that she can actually remember where the different pictures are. The funny thing is, firstly, whenever I opened one picture, and she knew where is the other one, she will immediately go and open it. The next funny thing is, there is this one time where she opened 2 that are different. One of which the location was known. But since it’s my turn, I would have opened it. And that little milkie ACTUALLY asked me to open 2 cards that she knows are not the correct ones -.-”’

So much for trying to win. Kids.

9.43am – *LOL* Her daddy just called and she grumbled “I’m sleeping”. But it’s good that she sleeps early tonight. Not that I have the energy to do other things but I guess I can sleep earlier too.

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