4.48am – Changing diaper at such hours in the dark on my bed at a weird angle for a sleeping toddler, sure wasn’t an easy task for a short-sighted and preggy lady like me. Furthermore, almost had cramps on my legs half way through it. Little milo seems to be disturbed too with my awakening. For he twist and tumbled inside his “room”. Oh well, all’s done for now. So I better get back to sleep lest I get sleepy for the whole day later on.

5.13am – Fancy asking for milk at such hours, and still insisted that she wanted her grandma to make. But since she slept early, alright, shall give it to her, but not for the latter request.

6.06am – Gee… I can’t sleep again… Urgh.

8.01am – When I’m late, everyone’s going to be late as well. Just got out of the toilet after clearing my bowels, brushing my teeth and washing my face. It does feel very nice and can feel the difference when the skin is full of moisture. Keep up the good work!


8.42am – Uh-oh. Shoe print on my lappie… -.-”’ Guess whose is it?

9.10am – What is the point of marrying a wife who doesn’t help in the finance when you are having issue. It’s not as if she had no money. What kind of marriage is that? The kind that only wants to reap benefits but yet not go through woes. Great. If I am him, I would have long time ago, divorced her, if I blindly married her.

10.52am – Another colleague leaving. Again, it’s just a matter of time, especially when he’s taking on everything alone for his area. And bloody hell, I just saw an email by my stupid idol. He simply don’t get it. *Breathe* Shall try and see how I can convey it to him again. And it’s 2 DIFFERENT TOPICS! Why the hell does he want to lump it together?!!!

This, again… is one of those people who makes me feel like tendering. Plan B. Plan B. Whatever the case is, I need a backup Plan B. Focus.

1.35pm – No wonder my stomach had been growling since the morning. Just cleared my bowels, and lots of it. Felt so much better though the tummy is still as big. Oh, boss is back.

2.46pm – 3 more hours to go. I’m not doing any work. *LOL*

3.00pm – Done for now. I’m baking again! ^^

3.46pm – I’m now wondering if there’s a standard universal names for colours around the world. A colleague B sent an email to me with an excel attached. In his email, he mentioned that he highlighted those projects under him, in purple. I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I try and so I ask him to come over and point it out to me.¬†And then at the same time, another colleague C happened to be at my seat too. So I asked C if he could see any purple colour at the area where B was pointing, but he couldn’t. And then the truth came…

B showed me which colour he chose on the excel and we both shouted out, ” But that’s ORANGE!”

… … … … …

4.23pm – There seems to be some problem with the WordPress apps for android phone since yesterday. I can’t seem to update the post from there.

9.19pm – I don’t know how to use my Surface Pro… Anyway, little milkie also wanted to use this new toy of mine. Luckily my sis reminded me that I’ve got a bigger “screen” for her YouTube care bears video. My lappie with the dead screen! She’s enjoying right now while I do my stuff. Good for both of us. Shall try out now while waiting for my turn to bathe.

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