Most likely I ain’t going to experience this another time. After all, if there’s no accident, I’m closing shop after this pregnancy. Today marks the first day of the third trimester, a.k.a. the last trimester of my second pregnancy. It should be a time for celebration, to have come so far after 27 weeks without much disaster other than the failure of the blood test which resulted in the $1,600 Harmony test. But at the same time, it reassures me that my little milo (of which they confirmed at that point) is healthy.

Now that I’m at the last leap with all the kicks and punches, I have no doubt that little milo is getting stronger everyday. And he sure is as active as his sister. I just hope that when he’s out, his temper won’t be as bad.

Well, since it’s the last trimester, looks like I will have to start preparing for the things required. Don’t really want to rush at the last minute. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of things that I need to prepare, unlike my first pregnancy. And I am definitely more prepared than the previous time. I’ll have to readjust some of my schedule though.

Little milo, hang in there! You’ll be able to come out soon! 13 more weeks to go!

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