1.30am – How nice of the lil’ hub to wake me up only at now to brush my teeth -.-”’

1.39am – Now that I’m awake and can’t really get back to sleep. Let me recap on what I did yesterday. Hmm… Nothing! *LOL* The whole day was spent back in my own house napping away. The MIL wasn’t feeling well yesterday (gastric or indigestion) which I think was caused by her dose of coffee in the morning. But what to do? Asking her to stop drinking coffee is like asking her to take her own life. And asking her to cut down on those internal organs so as to lower her cholesterol level is like asking her to chop off a piece of her meat. Sigh… Oldies… I wonder if I will be like that when I grow old.

Anyhow, my plan to bake cake was cancelled after I realized that I wasn’t really prepared for it, and with little milkie around, plus the late lunch that we had, I reckon it would be better to do it another day. So! I’ve decided that in future. If I ever were to bake again, most likely I will take half a day’s off on a weekday where I can have the WHOLE kitchen to myself!

Darn… The lil’ hub is going to discuss something with me. Ciao.

2.18am – It ain’t good to keep the mind so active at such timing, as the lil’ hub just finished discussing about our housing issue that will come next year. EC or EM? NC or HI? Of course I would prefer the first choice but that is provided that the lil’ hub managed to get a job with salary equivalent to what he drawn prior to his new endeavor. But whatever it is, so long it’s either BIGGER or BETTER than B and C, I’m glad enough. I really can’t stand these 2 friends at times. Always indirectly comparing (anything and everything) and showing off when there’s nothing to show off. People…

Whatever, I’m going to try and sleep now. Goodnight!

7.25am – There really is a difference between the kicks of a boy and of a girl. Darn, this is the nth time that I woke up today…

9.19am – Loops like little milo is finally asleep after successfully waking me up. Good job kiddo! -.-”’

12.10pm – I’m so excited! We are going to a showflat! *LOL* As if we are buying…


3.01pm – Wow… didn’t realise that we actually stayed so long and talked so long with the lady. But it was quite a fruitful trip, to get to know of the housing situation these days. It seems like EC ain’t as popular again, probably due to the property market. Bank interest going up and HDB prices going down, who wants to go for EC? Nonetheless we would have gotten it had it not for our MOP, that is not due in at least another year’s time. And the lil’ hub not having a 9-5 job, yet.

I would like to change it, of course. Who wouldn’t like a new house that’s bigger and nicer, so that everyone can have their own room each, eventually. Of course, we will have to seek for a slightly bigger one, if we are going to do that. After all, little milkie and milo are of different genders, which means they will need to have their own privacy and room when they grow up. And then there’s still my MIL who is staying with us. That’s at least 4 rooms. Ouch. I can already feel the pain due to the hole in my pocket.

Anyway, it’s just wishful thinking for now. We’ll see how things goes…

8.34pm – At times, I really disliked the lil’ hub’s side of the family. Do this also comment, do that also comment. But when they are the ones that did it, they’ll say otherwise. Why compare?? Why does people need to compare everything and anything? Size of the house, the car that you drove, your children – girl or boy, the school your children study in, their results, after that the salary. It’s like… WTF? These people really pisses me off at times, so much so that I want to make sure I’m better than them! Shut their mouth up completely! Irritating.

11.36pm – Let’s try and sleep. Don’t talk. Don’t think.

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