I know what I wanted to eat today, and I know this stall existed because the stall that I ate that day was just beside it. So without much hesitation, I went ahead to get my usual orders – roasted chicken, breast meat with added egg.

Simple. Clear. And I think I said it quite loudly.

There were 2 persons standing there, chit-chatting. One uncle and one auntie. The uncle started preparing the tray and chilli, while the auntie went in to do something else. Very quickly, the food came.


But alas… it wasn’t roasted. They gave me the white chicken. Breast meat though. I took it nonetheless and hmm… it cost me around $3.70 or $3.80. Wasn’t really sure about the change that the uncle gave me.

Anyway, I took the food and… *shake head* The chilli wasn’t nice. It’s too sweet. The rice wasn’t fragrant enough and so is the chicken. Hmm… no good.

Which unit? #01-15. No no no… and after this, I’d decided! I shall try and try out all the stalls (as long as I eat one of the food that they sell) in this hawker centre! Just for fun.

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