9.38am – Crap. I left my task list back at home! Now… what do I need to do? Crap. How can I forget such important piece of paper!

5.01pm – Guess what? I’ve been working non-stop today and managed to clear almost all the stuffs that is on my second sheet of task list. I’m glad, of course. But for the next few days, doubt I can achieve that much when there’s so many trainings to be held. It really do get a bit boring when you have to repeat the same thing like more than 7 times.

5.28pm – WOW… I feel so high now, and can actually feel myself “floating”.


8.02pm – Okay, cannot procrastinate. Must do the flash cards… Must do the flash cards…

10.28pm – I can’t take it. I’m sleeping, little milkie. Hope you won’t watch till too late. Sigh… I hated it when such times happened, but I really don’t have the strength to keep myself awake, and make sure that you go and sleep early. Goodnight my dear sweetie, goodnight little milo… Daddy… I think you will get missed call later, but if I do wake up, I don’t mind having a short chat with you…

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