8.41am – I’m early today, so I can afford to eat something slowly, though I already ate a bit at home. First time trying this chee cheong fun at this coffeeshop. Not too bad. Looks like I have something new to eat already. But is this fattening too? Hmm…


10.12am – Why is my mood not that good? I thought I had enough sleep?

2.08pm – Back at lunch. Managed to got off some negative aura, but seems like a big part is here to stay. It must have been those screenshots that my sister sent. Those that tells us how bad it is to let the children be exposed to tablets and TVs and what not. I’m… guilty as charged, and worse still because I knew all these beforehand, more or less. But I gave in to that for that little peace and quiet.

And then it started. The problem with the time monster, where it eats up all the time that you have and left you with little time or none at all. Where did all the time goes?

Well… let’s just say… it’s getting harder to play with little milkie. I’m not trying to make up any excuse, as I’d mentioned, I’m guilty as charged for letting her on the videos etc. But indeed, it really is getting harder and harder these days, for I can’t sit on the floor with her. Sitting too long will either cause aches or swollen legs, and getting up from the floor poses a problem as well, with this huge load of mine. And then my attention span ain’t as long also. Talking too long and too much can render me breathless too. Basically, it’s just difficult to do anything.

Moreover, I’ve got that list of things which I would hope to achieve, so as to earn more extra income, no matter how little it is, just to balance my life out. But if I were to play with her everyday till she sleep, I doubt that I would have the time to do anything at all, which is already the case.

But yet, I would admit that it’s getting a little bit too much of recent, especially when the hours that she spent on it seems to be getting longer and longer each day. And that you can see that at times, she’s oblivious to her surroundings, which is definitely something that I hope not to achieve.

It’s my fault, for neglecting this part. For letting it gets worse. But how do I achieve that balance then? Am I doing something wrong here? Why do I feel so guilty if it’s not the case? Am I not doing my best?

2.47pm – Indeed. It’s quite difficult to concentrate at work, when firstly, the mood is already not there and secondly, the kicks and punches kept coming in, continuously. 1 against 10, that’s what I’m feeling now… or should I say… it’s always a combo… -.-”’

2.53pm – It’s quite amusing at times when you have a not so IT-savvy husband. Recently, he created a new blog, which he told me what that URL is. And that subsequently after that, he told that he had another secret blog, which he refuses to tell me about. But I doubt he knows that I’m able to see it if he never disable that option of not displaying. Should I tell him about it? *LOL* Anyway, he’s cute, and thanks to that, at least I’m smiling genuinely for the first time today. Love him so dearly… (although he’s still irritating at times) ^^

3.52pm – It’s almost 4pm. I haven’t done much today other than the training which I did in the morning. Probably I should do a little planning now, and see what I should do tomorrow. After all, there are certain timings which I need to change…

5.19pm – How nice it would be… if only there’s enough time to…

… sit down and do nothing… spend time with the family
… do some crafting
… set up a business
… play with your children
… write a blog
… bake & decorate a cake
… do some planning
… have a meal with your friends
… watch a movie
… read a book
… finish your work
… make friends
… reminiscence on the past
… picnic by the beach
… go on a holiday
… clear and run your errands
… re-decorate your room
… do some painting
… clear all thoughts

I guess I should pack up and go for my appointment now. Looks like I ain’t in the mood to work. Not the correct mood.

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