Ramblings #1064

1.03am – I wonder if it’s a habit or what. Why does the lil’ hub like to wake me up to brush my teeth even though I’m already sleeping away…?

3.57am – It’s almost 4am, and I just finished chatting with the lil’ hub who is sleeping beside me, and who can’t get to sleep because he’s so worried about not being able to find a job, and who commented that I’m so smart because I just pointed out to him that he can actually call his previous HR to see if there’s any suitable job for him. -.-”’ Gee… If only he had listen to me earlier on, too… *LOL* But well, at least he learned something through the hard way, so it’s still not toooooo bad. Ganbatte, Bebe! *MUAK*

7.09am – Ironically, I feel so happy to see your words again. Though the jealousy or envious is there, I love to know what’s happening too. I’m attracted to your words, I would say. It serves as a reminder for me, it serves as a challenge to me, it serves as a target for me to reach. Good morning, anonymous.


7.46am – Did you see that red patch on my arm? I’ve been getting that everytime I’m preggy. And it’s so itchy…

9.05am – So much for planning the time slot. When you know that the meeting will always get extended, then why, go and choose a date where I have a meeting starting at 3pm, and that I have to present after your meeting ended? Sigh… now I understand why our boss had been so unhappy at times…

9.50am – She is talking to her husband again. Wrong, it’s shouting. Why can’t couples talk nicely to each other? Regardless of how long they are married…

9.53am – Oh no. Argue already. The “You don’t talk like that to me.” sentence is out! And then silence… Gee… did someone hang the phone up? Erm… I think one of them did. O.O”’

10.33am – Why does everyone seems so hungry today? And what’s the point of telling me?

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